One Happy Giant
Based in Santa Monica, CA

Founding date:
June 8, 2012


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Gun Runner
Call Your Reps
Pokémon Red White And Blue
Trump Jump
Pokémon Black And Blue

Santa Monica, CA 90404

+1 (646) 737-4628


A collaborative, independent studio creating games and apps for the enjoyment of all.



Kristian Bauer was the first graduate of the B.S. in Game Design and Development program from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon graduating, he joined the infamous Mac software company Freeverse, which had just started dipping its toes into mobile games for the iPhone. This was right around the time Apple opened its App Store and SDK to developers. After almost 2 years working on a variety of titles (We Bowl, Days of Thunder, and more!), Kristian decided to depart from Freeverse to join the Callaway Digital Arts team in New York. There, he worked on the iPhone/iPad app The Great Cookie Thief. Unfortunately, 1 month in, Callaway Digital Arts shuttered their New York office and the team working on The Great Cookie Thief stuck around for another month to complete the app.


Having been disheartened after going through the interview process only to be unemployed 2 short months later, Kristian started One Happy Giant as an outlet for his creative projects. His first game after creating the new venture was Gun Runner, which he worked on with one of his former producers at Freeverse, Bruce Morrison. Around this time, he also connected with the New York based game studio This Is Pop and was brought on as a contractor to create Pokémon Black & Blue.


In October of 2012, Kristian met with the cofounders of Vine and fell in love with the beta. He joined the Vine team in November of 2012 and helped create the Vine iOS app. The urge to create games never dissipated, but the amount of time to work on them did. Kristian's primary focus during this time was Vine and it was all consuming. 1 year into working at Vine, This Is Pop approached Kristian about creating a sequel to Pokémon Black & Blue. He was hesitant due to time constraints, but through the power of moonlighting and caffeine, Pokémon Red White & Blue was born. After almost 4 years working at Vine, Twitter made the difficult decision to sunset the Vine app, which allowed Kristian to unleash his creativity as One Happy Giant again.


During the last few months of his time at Vine, Kristian and his family moved to Santa Monica, CA. He is now working full time at One Happy Giant and is excited to create and collaborate with other digital creators. His first title, Trump Jump, launched November 2.



Call Your Reps Trailer YouTube

Trump Jump Trailer YouTube

Gun Runner Trailer YouTube

Pokémon Red White & Blue Gameplay YouTube

Pokémon Black & Blue Gameplay YouTube


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